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Francine Sinatra Anderson: Who was Frank Sinarta Jr?

Francine Sinatra Anderson
First NameFrancine
Middle NameSinatra
Last NameAnderson
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Mother NameMary Wallner
Father NameFrank Sinatra Jr
Father ProfessionSinger and Songwriter
Age 51 Years
Date of Birth16-November1972

Francine Sinatra Anderson Is a famous American celebrity and is the daughter of Frank Sinatra Jr. She has four brothers and sisters and she is the oldest one among them. She has an American nationality because she basically belonged to the United states.

Frank Sinatra Jr and Mary Wallner Relationship

Francine was daughter of Mary Wallner and Frank Sinatra Jr but they had not married till her birth. They were in a closed romantic relationship for four years . But they were separated after the birth of Francine. People were thinking that Frank was a great father because he was an artist. but lately, it seemed that Frank was not ready to accept Francine as her daughter.

On the other hand, Mary wanted to marry Frank properly to accept Francine as his daughter and  start her lovely life journey of Husband and Wife. Mary had also informed Frank’s father about Grand daughter. but she did not know that Frank had never ever told his father about her.  

Net worth

The net worth of Sinarta was $50 million during her last breath. Her insurance sources included Actor, songwrite, singer and conductor. He had a profession in songwriting. 

Was Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnapped?

Frank was kidnapped with a proper plan in a dinner on December 18, 1963. Frank  was with his new friend “John Foss” in Dinner in Hotel Room. Suddenly, Two men Barry Keenan and Joe Amsler got into Frank’s hotel room. They tied up John and pushed Frank away from his plate of chicken. After That, they brought Frank into their car, which was parked out on the way to Los Angeles. While John called the Police to get out of such a hard situation.

John is basically a third party who was handed over with cash of $280,00 for trapping Frank

After That Frank was released and he came back to his home with his security guards.

Are any of Frank Sinatra’s wives alive?

No, No one of Frank Sinatra’s wives is alive. His last wife Barbara Marx Sinatra died at the age of 90 years on Tuesday, 25 – July- 2017, in California. Nancy Barbato, who was Frank’s first wife, died  at the age of 101 on Saturday, 13 – July – 2018. 

How much did Nancy Sinatra inherit from her father?

Nancy Sinatra  had inherited  Two lakh Dollars ($200,000) from her father. But her father told her in an appointment that if Nancy Sinatra does not take care of me and survive, this gift shall be a part of my estate.

Who inherited Frank Sinatra’s money?

Frank Sinatra’s estate was a millionaire when he died in 1998 in California. His net worth was 50 million dollars and was divided equally in his Family including his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Did Frank Sinatra Jr. ever get married?

Yes, Frank Sinatra was married and he had two wives but Sinatra died on May 14, 1998, of a heart attack.

Why did Frank Sinatra leave his first wife?

Nancy, who was Sinatra’s first wife, left Sinatra after his affair with Ava Gardner (actress). A few weeks after Sinatra divorce Nancy in 1951. Nancy went on the way to raise her three children.

What happened to Sinatra’s son?

Two days later after the kidnapping, His father paid the $240,000 to kidnappers on their demand. Sinatra was released but he died suddenly of cardiac attack in Daytona Beach of Florida (16 – March – 2016)



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